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From the birthplace of coffee.
Mar 14 2014 11:59AM Posted by Jenn Douglas

From the birthplace of coffee.

Legend says that coffee was first discovered in the eastern highlands of Ethiopia during the 10th century by a goatherder named Kaldi.  He discovered that after his herd ate berries from a certain tree, they became more energized and would not go to sleep.

Kaldi shared his discovery with the local monastery who made a drink out of the berries to help the monks stay awake during long hours of evening prayers. 

Ethiopian Coffee Growing Regions

Many consider Ethiopian coffees to be some of the best coffees in the world.  Most of the coffees cultivated in Ethiopia produce a vividly bright cup of coffee with fruit and floral notes.

 There are 4 regions in which Ethiopian coffee beans are grown: Sidamo, Harar, Yirgacheffe or Limu.

Sidamo coffee beans are known for its deep, spice and wine or chocolate-like taste and aroma.
Harar coffee beans are known for their distinctive fruity, wine flavor.
The Yirgacheffe region boasts of a strong, rich and fruity flavor and floral notes.
The Ethiopian region of Limu produces a light in body, sweet with notes of spice coffee.

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