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Coffee from Hawaii is as rich in history as in taste.
Apr 18 2014 2:21PM Posted by Jenn Douglas

Delicious coffee straight from paradise. 

No coffee collection is complete without the delicious coffees straight from paradise.  The history of coffee in Hawaii is as rich as the taste.  It is said that the British warship, H.M.S Blonde brought coffee trees to Hawaii from Brazil in 1825.  Chief Boki, the Governor of Oahu acquired coffee trees while in Rio de Janeiro on his way back from London.  The coffee was then planted in Manoa Valley on Oahu and from these small fields, trees began to grow and were then introduced to other areas of Oahu and neighboring islands.  It is said the Hanalei Valley on the North Shore of Kauau was home to the first coffee plantation.

The first coffee was planted on Kona by missionary Samuel Ruggles in 1828 or 1829.  These first Arabica trees were taken from cuttings planted on Oahu a few years earlier.  They realized coffee and Kona were a perfect match.

Hawaiian coffees are know for their aromatic, floral, sweet with some brightness as well as delicate, mild, clean aftertaste.

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